American Dreams is in the Dominican Republic

American Dreams has officially launched in the Dominican Republic! Meet Roberto Leslie, an accomplished businessman from Santo Domingo. Roberto has extensive experience in managing and expanding a variety of businesses throughout the Dominican Republic with great success. He has played a key role on many teams by managing tasks such as: planning, budgets, employee hiring and training, and increasing efficiency and productivity among employees.

Roberto has chosen to work with ADLC to become our exclusive distributor for the Dominican Republic, with the goal of expanding our company throughout the entire island. From working with Roberto, we know that he is the epitome of a “go-getter.” We met Roberto for the first time in mid-January for two days to give him an overview of ADLC. Now, in early February, Roberto is ready to begin classes. He’s worked with local organizations to spread the word to potential students, and has already hired a few teachers. Based on Roberto’s impressive background, we are excited that he has decided to join our team, and look forward to working with him to help grow ADLC in the Dominican Republic.